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Miami Dade & Broward Concealed Weapons Class

Protect your home and loved ones! Learn firearms safety as well as the fundamentals of shooting, real-world defensive shooting techniques, and how to defend yourself with a firearm.


Regardless of your skill or experience level prior to attending this course, you’ll leave with a firm understanding and a sense of competency in handling your own firearm.

We employ well trained professional instructors with real-world experience in firearm training and safety. Our instructors are continuously subjected to training and regularly invest in enhanced course materials to provide students with current information.

Oncall Investigation and Security ensures that all of our students receive adequate training and instruction to make sure that they are able to safely and responsibly handle their concealed carry firearm at the completion of the class.


Rest assured you are making the right decision if you want to protect yourself, your loved ones, and others. 

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To deal with an experienced concealed weapons instructor, contact us today. We provide concealed weapons class in Miami, Miami Dade County and surrounding Counties in Florida.

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